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Our Brands

Dogsee Chew treats are made using a centuries-old Himalayan recipe that has been perfected over the years. These 100% natural treats are handcrafted from pure cow milk from the Himalayas. They are smoked and sun-dried for over 35 days to attain extra hardness and rich flavor, making them a natural favorite for canines all around the world.

Dogsee Chew’s all-natural treats, which are completely grain, gluten and preservatives-free, are an epitome of commitment and care for your furry friends. You’re not holding just another bag of treats, but a promise to your pets that you’ll provide them nothing but the best.

With Dogsee Crunch comes another natural product from the Himalayas for dogs. Dogsee Crunch is a brand of dog treats sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables and prepared from just one single ingredient like apple, beetroot etc. These treats are filled with the goodness and nutrition of real fruits and vegetables. Being crunchy and easily digestible, they serve as ideal training treats for your dogs.

Dogsee Crunch treats are 100% natural and completely free from grain, gluten and preservatives. They are a symbol of the pure love you have for your dogs and are suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Himalayan Natives is a pure, wholesome and healthy food brand from the pristine land of the Himalayas.

Himalayan Natives produces a 100% natural cow ghee sourced from the cows that graze on the Himalayan grasses and herbs, which are rich in minerals. The ghee is made using completely traditional methods and is highly nutritious with a rich aroma and flavor. It’s also devoid of any preservatives, colors and trans fats.

Himalayan Natives encourages everyone to live a soulful and healthy life. This can be achieved by consuming food which is pure and untampered by modern interventions, just as it is in nature.

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